Addendum to MOOC crash

An hour after I posted about the MOOC crash, a spokesman for Georgia Tech, Matt Nagel, emailed a response. Nagel made clear it was a Georgia Tech’s decision to kill the class because of both quality and technical issues.

“With any experiment, sometimes one has to press pause and reset, which we are doing,” Nagel wrote. “(We) will continue to monitor our online course offerings to ensure we are providing an experience worthy of the Georgia Tech name.”

My darling husband also pointed out at dinner last night that my blog post’s closing thought was not quite right. Yes, it’s desirable to have a dynamic screen actor deliver the video content. But that’s only one aspect. An online teacher also needs to be an expert in his field, have a strategy for making sure unseen students are learning the material, and be a technology maven. What this debacle points to is how hard it is to be a good online teacher.

POSTED BY Jill Barshay ON February 5, 2013

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