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Guest Post: The Future of School, Piece by Piece

Note: For the next 12 weeks I’ll be sharing this Digital/Edu space with some excellent professionals in the area of learning and innovation for one weekly guest post. In addition to helping bring new voices and ideas to our readers, this will help me as I finish the first draft of my forthcoming book, The […]


8 Ed-Tech Predictions for 2014, Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part post on Ed-Tech predictions for 2014. The first part is found here. I called up Dr. Jeff Borden, Vice President of Instruction & Academic Strategy and Director for the Center for Online Learning at Pearson to talk about what he’s seeing on the horizon for 2014. 5) Tablets: More schools will adopt […]


The Top 10 Digital/Edu Stories of 2013

I took over this blog in March 2013 and it’s been an incredibly enjoyable–and educational!–experience so far. Thanks to all of you who have read, linked, and commented on the blog. I hope you’ll stay with us into 2014! At the suggestion of my editors at the Hechinger Report, I’ve compiled a list of the […]


An ‘Hour of Code’ in one classroom

Melissa Loftis is a third-grade coteacher at Albemarle Road Elementary in Charlotte, NC. Her class of 40 includes many English language learners, some from Salvador and Mexico, others refugees from Nepal, Burma and Congo resettled in the area by Catholic charities. This week her students are among ten million (and counting) around the country participating in […]


Could a video game replace ADD medication?

In America, 6.4 million children have been given diagnoses of attention disorders. That’s 11 percent of the school-age population.  Annual production of Ritalin-like drugs has quadrupled since the 1960s, and millions of children are taking these powerful stimulants every day. Some argue that this “epidemic” is in fact an artifact of a test-driven, high-stakes, high-pressure school […]


Redesigning for student-centered learning

Brendan Campbell teaches at Southeastern High School in Detroit, which is under the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan, a statewide recovery district for schools consistently in the bottom five percent according to test scores. In other words, it’s a failing school in a violent, poor, bankrupt city. But this fall, Campbell and his collaborators have used […]


Become a tech-savvy educator with these free badges

IPTEdTec is a free service operated by Rick West, an assistant professor in the Instructional Psychology & Technology Department at Brigham Young University. It offers educators everywhere the materials and rubrics to certify their basic understanding of key educational technology applications, like Google Sites, iMovie, and Blogger, and concepts, like internet safety and open content […]


Three rules for robograding, and other ed-tech innovations

Automated grading of students’ essays and short answers has been around for almost 20 years, but it’s engendering quite a bit of controversy as the technology progresses. A large study released in April, connected to a competition sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation, showed the grades assigned by a computer program to 22,000 7th, 8th and 10th grade essays matched […]


Getting teachers to share nicely

Most teachers have file folders and flash drives full of material that they use to generate awesome lessons year after year: activities, projects, discussion questions, texts, audio, video. But they don’t always have easy ways to share these ideas, or discover new ones. A new non-profit ed-tech start-up called OpenCurriculum, based in Pittsburgh, launches this week […]


Course Choice: the death knell of public education?

  St. Augustine High School Marching Band, New Orleans, via Angie Antimatter on Flickr Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of my hometown state of Louisiana, is, by any measure, not a fan of traditional public education. As a graduate of twelve years of public schooling in the state and the daughter of two retired Louisiana […]