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Become a tech-savvy educator with these free badges

IPTEdTec is a free service operated by Rick West, an assistant professor in the Instructional Psychology & Technology Department at Brigham Young University. It offers educators everywhere the materials and rubrics to certify their basic understanding of key educational technology applications, like Google Sites, iMovie, and Blogger, and concepts, like internet safety and open content […]


What Apple, IBM, Microsoft and LinkedIn Want with K-12 Schools

  There’s an ever-expanding universe of ed-tech startups out there, alongside the massive incumbents in textbook and educational materials that have moved aggressively into digital products and services. But to get a true picture of the direction of innovation in K-12, it is also helpful to look at how the big technology companies are tackling […]


Teens, mobile phones, and the digital divide

After $4 billion worth of federal grants over the past few years, 98 percent of Americans now have access to high-speed broadband Internet–in theory.  Yet 30 percent of Americans, according to the latest report from the US Department of Commerce, don’t actually have the Internet at home.  Broadband access is effectively no longer a matter of infrastructure, […]


Course Choice: the death knell of public education?

  St. Augustine High School Marching Band, New Orleans, via Angie Antimatter on Flickr Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of my hometown state of Louisiana, is, by any measure, not a fan of traditional public education. As a graduate of twelve years of public schooling in the state and the daughter of two retired Louisiana […]


Ed-tech without educators is doomed

Elements 4D is a current project on Kickstarter featuring a set of wooden blocks engraved with the elements of the Periodic Table. When viewed through the frame of an iPad or iPhone, the blocks have “augmented reality” codes that cause them to show up on the screen as clear cubes, labeled with their various properties. If […]


Maker Camp kicks off online

When most people think of summer camp, they think of a resolutely analog experience. But Maker Camp, which just kicked off its second season, is designed to take place online and offline simultaneously. The Make Magazine/Maker Faire community got together with Google Plus to present a series of 30 fun projects in 30 days for […]


Can games and toys get girls interested in STEM?

This morning I was watching my daughter push a pink dump truck around the living room, and it got me thinking about what games and toys do to shape gender stereotypes. There’s evidence that children gravitate toward sex-stereotyped toys as young as 18 months, which is just my daughter’s age; unfortunately, there’s also evidence that parents […]


Updated: New task force on Internet and learning has a controversial name: Bush

This week, a new, high-profile ed-tech initiative made its bow: The Aspen Task Force on Learning and the Internet. Billed as “a national conversation” on how to “optimize the web to improve learning,” it’s supported by the MacArthur Foundation (with which I’m currently involved in a small, unrelated project.). It features several folks whom I know […]


5 biggest ed-tech headlines of the week

I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of major news and announcements lately. So I’m going to take today’s post to round up a few. 1) ConnectED: The Obama administration today announced a new initative called ConnectED with a pledge to provide broadband or high-speed wireless Internet access to 99 percent of America’s schoolchildren within 5 years. […]


Images from Reimagining Education

It’s become all the rage at conferences and events to have an artist create “graphic notes” to visualize the conversation. These images are from the “Reimagining Education” conference held on May 28 and 29 by the US Department of Education and the MacArthur Foundation (Disclosure: I am currently working with MacArthur on an unrelated project). […]