Online Learning

Data support disruption theory as online, blended learning grow

By Michael Horn When Disrupting Class hit the bookstores five years ago, it contained a prediction that stunned many: by 2019, we said, 50 percent of all high school courses would be delivered online in some form or fashion. The prediction was built off of data from third-party sources that had been collected over the previous eight […]


Do you want your classroom disrupted?

A new paper out last week from the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation (formerly the Innosight Institute) sets out some theories and provocative predictions about the likely direction that innovation will take in K-12 classrooms. Christensen, a business expert, professor at Harvard Business School, bestselling author, and a devout Mormon, coined the term “disruptive innovation” about 20 […]


MOOCs Come To K-12

A couple of announcements this week point to a growing role for massively open online courses in K-12. The Saylor Foundation, the most interesting nonprofit in open education that no one seems to have heard of, launched a program of Common-Core aligned K-12 courses. And Lumen Learning, David Wiley’s startup which I wrote about earlier […]


Can technology teach grit?

I recently heard Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth speak about her research at the filming of a TED/PBS TV special all about education, which airs May 7. Duckworth is the University of Pennsylvania psychologist credited with the discovery of  “grit”–a cluster of so-called non-cognitive skills, including tenacity and perseverance, that may be even more essential to […]


Toddlers and touchscreens: Scourge or salvation?

Because of a family vacation next week, I’m looking for some iPad apps in hopes of keeping my 16-month-old daughter entertained on the long flights. So far she’s shown very little interest in screens of any kind. I tried to sit her down to watch “Wonder Pets” the other day for a break when she had […]


New blended learning certificate program for K-12 teachers

Pace University and the New York City Department of Education’s iZone program just announced a two-year certificate program in Blended Learning for K-12 science teachers who are part of the New York City Teaching Fellows program, which targets both new graduates and professionals changing careers. “We are looking for teachers who believe that in order to […]


The scramble to sit at the blended learning table

Recently I found myself in the offices of Scholastic, the children’s publisher best known for K-12 book fairs across the country and Clifford, the big red dog. They are conducting a massive educational software launch this week, with both new and updated products for reading and math from kindergarten through high school. Margery Mayer, president of Scholastic Education, […]


Is online learning only for STEM?

If you survey the frontier of online learning, it looks heavily weighted to the science, technology, engineering and math side. The big MOOC platforms got rolling with courses in Circuits and Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and Machine Learning, respectively. Khan Academy started with math videos and its interactive platforms heavily emphasize math. The National […]


Special K: Don’t sleep on Khan Academy, Knewton

Listening to Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, speak on stage to several hundred attendees at the 5th Anniversary Gala last week for Innosight Institute—the non-profit that I co-founded—I thought about how Clayton Christensen and I have speculated for some time that the long-term future of much of educational content will be in the […]


What technology can (and can’t) do for education

As I reflect on the excitement of South By Southwest Education conference last week, a fundamental question keeps coming up: What proportion of the challenges facing the education system can actually be addressed with technology and innovation? Let’s quickly stipulate the issues here. Stop me if you’ve heard this all before. Many schools face serious […]