Video Games

The scramble to sit at the blended learning table

Recently I found myself in the offices of Scholastic, the children’s publisher best known for K-12 book fairs across the country and Clifford, the big red dog. They are conducting a massive educational software launch this week, with both new and updated products for reading and math from kindergarten through high school. Margery Mayer, president of Scholastic Education, […]


Can a computer pass the “teacher Turing test”?

Have you ever spent any time with Eliza? You can reach her at this link. Eliza was one of the earliest attempts at artificial intelligence and natural language processing: building a computer program that can use language and interact in a conversation, more or less like a human. (The ultimate test of artificial intelligence, as posed by […]


The five most important ed-tech trends at SXSWedu

I’ve been on the ground in Austin for the South By Southwest Education Conference & Festival for 22 hours. In that time, I’ve interviewed six people, chatted with many more, and hit the Java Jive in the Hilton four times. Here’s what I see as the biggest trends coming out of the conference. Data and […]


Interview: Jill Barshay on business and common core, video games in education, more

Hechinger Report contributing editor Jill Barshay took part in a podcast with Bloomberg radio last week, talking about technology and education and answering some burning questions. Barshay teamed up with USA Today education reporter Greg Toppo to explain: -Why are there still textbooks in 2012? -Why are educational businesses salivating over the common core standards? […]


Using video games to enhance teaching and learning

There’s a question caroming off the walls of many teacher lounges, company boardrooms and research centers alike: Do video games belong in America’s classrooms? For game designers, the answer is clear. “We feel like that argument has been made and answered—and it’s ‘yes,’ ” says Karina Linch, senior vice president of product management at BrainPOP, a […]


As online education spreads, new studies question its effects on students

Online education for K-12 students spread rapidly in the United States this year, aided by new technologies and ideas such as “flipped classrooms,” according to a study released on June 15th. But the extent to which new technologies and approaches might raise student achievement remains unclear. A second study questions whether the net result will be […]


Video game magnet school to open in Miami

With all the talk about gamifying the classroom or incorporating video games into the lesson plan, one high school in Miami, Fla. is going a step farther. Starting this fall they will open a magnet program just for video games, according to the Miami Herald. Students in the new magnet, called iTech Academy, will study […]


Social media and video games in classrooms can yield valuable data for teachers

Social media, video games, blogs and wikis are playing increasingly important roles in classrooms across the country. Some worry that incorporating more social media and other technologies into education is leading to too much computer time, as well as to a generation of students deficient in the face-to-face social skills needed to survive in the […]


Moms don’t feel lots of guilt over screen time with iPad and other touch screens

Many parents pacify their children with a computer game while getting dressed, taking a phone call or riding the bus. But I would have guessed they’d feel guilty about it. A new study, released on April 17th by the Ruckus Media Group at the Sandbox Summit at MIT, found quite the opposite. In a survey […]


Backtracking from video games

Here at SXSW’s Ed Tech Conference, there’s a lot of talk about using video games as instructional devices. After all, video games are fun, absorbing and motivating. Why shouldn’t school be the same? I went to a panel session led by Anthony Salcito of Microsoft, which is experimenting with how to deploy its Xbox game […]