Video Games

How to make educational games gripping? Try using the loyalties of sports fans

I stumbled onto an interesting educational game from a site aimed at teaching children about managing money. The site,, has a whole variety of games that teach money lessons. Most are fairly simple flash games and probably have a limited chance of engaging kids in the long term. But the latest game has a […]


Study: Educational apps for young children growing rapidly

Long connected to schools by offering discounted computers and other equipment to students and teachers, Apple seems to be getting even more intertwined with education—in and out of the classroom. On Thursday, the tech giant is expected to announce its entry into the textbook market—and this at a time when a day doesn’t seem to […]


Could we make popular video games like Skyrim more educational?

I sometimes wonder what educators and video-game developers might come up with if they ever sat down together and decided to make mainstream commercial games more educational. Video games are a huge business. When the latest installment of the Call of Duty series came out in November, it racked up more than $1 billion in […]