January 2012

How to make educational games gripping? Try using the loyalties of sports fans

I stumbled onto an interesting educational game from a site aimed at teaching children about managing money. The site, practicalmoneyskills.com, has a whole variety of games that teach money lessons. Most are fairly simple flash games and probably have a limited chance of engaging kids in the long term. But the latest game has a […]


How does media multitasking affect children’s development?

A new study suggests that multitasking with high-tech devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets may harm children’s emotional development. Researchers from Stanford University found that girls aged eight to 12 who are “media multitaskers” felt less social success, slept less, had more friends their parents perceived as bad influences, and were more likely to […]


Digital Learning Day cometh

With the arrival on February 1, 2012 of the first-ever national Digital Learning Day, the disruptive innovation of K-12 online learning—from in blended-learning environments to remote ones—seems to be taking yet another step toward the mainstream. For over a couple decades, supporters of technology in education have talked of its potential benefits in transforming education. […]


Apple gets into the e-textbook business

In a hyped press conference today, Apple announced that the company is getting into the e-textbook game. Here are the highlights: -iPad owners will now be able to buy e-textbooks from the big three textbook publishers, Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The price for high-school textbooks will be $14.99. The e-textbooks can include interactive […]


Study: Educational apps for young children growing rapidly

Long connected to schools by offering discounted computers and other equipment to students and teachers, Apple seems to be getting even more intertwined with education—in and out of the classroom. On Thursday, the tech giant is expected to announce its entry into the textbook market—and this at a time when a day doesn’t seem to […]


School finance in the digital-learning era: A review

The Fordham Institute continued its critical series exploring how to create sound policy for digital learning in November with two new papers, “Teachers in the Age of Digital Instruction” by Bryan C. Hassel and Emily Hassel, and “School Finance in the Digital-Learning Era” by Paul T. Hill. And more are on the way soon, including important ones […]


Computer programming is the new grammar?

Should every child be learning how to program? One government minister in the United Kingdom thinks so, and is calling programming the “grammar of the 21st century.” The minister, Ed Vaizey, ranks the importance of programming skills on par with that of the arts and humanities. (And this from the “culture” minister.) From the Guardian […]


California initiative brings breath of fresh air

It’s an embarrassment that California, the state that led the technology revolution in America, is, according to Digital Learning Now, last in the nation in using technology to transform its education system from its current factory-model roots into a student-centric one. California policy has done its best to create a byzantine—some might say bizarre—set of regulations to […]