May 2012

Making education innovation come to life

Having taken an extended vacation the past few weeks, I returned to the United States to see that the pace of innovation in education is continuing at a breakneck pace. From my perch, here’s a roundup of some of the more interesting happenings in that time: Online learning in higher education The announcement from Harvard that it […]


Video game magnet school to open in Miami

With all the talk about gamifying the classroom or incorporating video games into the lesson plan, one high school in Miami, Fla. is going a step farther. Starting this fall they will open a magnet program just for video games, according to the Miami Herald. Students in the new magnet, called iTech Academy, will study […]


At New York City ed tech meetup, numbers grow but the message stays the same

The field of education often adopts technologies well after they appear in the business world. Perhaps for this reason, more and more entrepreneurs are seeing opportunity in adapting these technologies for the education space, and there is a growing community of business-minded people trying to solve some of education’s biggest problems. The companies have names […]