June 2012

Using video games to enhance teaching and learning

There’s a question caroming off the walls of many teacher lounges, company boardrooms and research centers alike: Do video games belong in America’s classrooms? For game designers, the answer is clear. “We feel like that argument has been made and answered—and it’s ‘yes,’ ” says Karina Linch, senior vice president of product management at BrainPOP, a […]


As online education spreads, new studies question its effects on students

Online education for K-12 students spread rapidly in the United States this year, aided by new technologies and ideas such as “flipped classrooms,” according to a study released on June 15th. But the extent to which new technologies and approaches might raise student achievement remains unclear. A second study questions whether the net result will be […]


Why Steve Jobs would have loved digital learning

In the wake of Steve Jobs’ passing, many wrote about the statements he made throughout his adult life about how to improve the U.S. education system. Some noted that for much of Jobs’s life, he had, ironically perhaps, been skeptical of the positive impact technology could make on education. But what has received less attention […]