July 2012

A hope for future irrelevance

I had the opportunity recently to revisit Doug Lemov’s book, Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College, which was published in 2010. It remains a good work that describes how teachers in today’s factory-model education system can make improvements in their teaching practice to bolster student learning. Lemov cheekily […]


Dithering and delay in New Jersey denies students important schooling options

Last week I, along with my colleague, Innosight Institute Education research assistant Charity Eyre, authored an op-ed titled “State has virtually no reason to not give online charter schools a shot” in The Star-Ledger in New Jersey about a proposed moratorium on virtual charter schools in the state. In the piece, we discuss New Jersey’s Assembly […]


Interview: Jill Barshay on business and common core, video games in education, more

Hechinger Report contributing editor Jill Barshay took part in a podcast with Bloomberg radio last week, talking about technology and education and answering some burning questions. Barshay teamed up with USA Today education reporter Greg Toppo to explain: -Why are there still textbooks in 2012? -Why are educational businesses salivating over the common core standards? […]