September 2012

The counterproductive attack on NYC’s School of One

Last week the New York Daily News came out guns blazing against New York City’s bold innovation designed to rethink how students learn math, the School of One. The Daily News’s headline declared the project “a pricey reject.” This might have been fine except that its information was based on a study that was far more nuanced in its findings and was […]


Poll: Parents and teachers support spending for classroom technology

Parents and teachers are generally united in the belief that the United States should spend more money on technology in classrooms, according to the results of an August poll conducted by the LEAD Commission. The group, which is studying the way technology can be used in classrooms, surveyed 883 parents and 812 public school teachers […]


Why the latest Race to the Top competition matters

The Department of Education’s latest foray into digital learning is a big deal. The Race to the Top-District competition’s “Absolute Priority 1” is personalized learning. For those who have been working to personalize learning through digital learning in the field, this endorsement and what it means for online and blended learning may seem like old hat, […]