October 2012

How are smartphones being used in class?

Heard about smartphones being used in class, but still have no idea how they’re actually being put to work? One teacher has an interesting post up at the Making the Shift blog looking at some of the ways students are using smartphones to do their work, in particular Siri on the iPhone. (For the iPhoneless, […]


Online learning conference growing rapidly — like the industry

The most ironic conference in the U.S. is arguably the Virtual School Symposium. Its organizers and attendees promote online education and want more American students to be learning their school subjects over computers. Nonetheless, over 2,000 online educators, administrators and businesses felt the need to meet face-to-face in New Orleans for four days, starting Sunday. […]


Online education needs to hold itself to higher standards than traditional classrooms, report warns

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNacol) issued a report Tuesday calling for online schools and providers of online courses to hold themselves to a higher standard than traditional brick-and-mortar schools. The association also said it would launch a pilot project with three to five states to collect data that measures online-education quality. “We […]


Personalized learning on the march

Two developments this week signal that funders are pushing personalized learning and innovation forward in schools—and both herald promising things for improving education in this country. The first development was the launch of the non-profit Silicon Schools Fund, which will provide seed funding for new blended-learning schools that use innovative education models and technology to personalize learning (full […]


Education debates in New Jersey around for-profits miss big picture

The debate over digital-learning opportunities continues to heat up in New Jersey. It has now moved beyond just wondering whether full-time virtual learning opportunities have a place in the state to also discussing the role of blended learning, a practice that many districts in the state have actually already adopted in various forms. With lawsuits flying around and other shenanigans […]


What are the right schools of experience for teachers in new schools?

I spent a few hours recently with the head of a brand new blended-learning school. The school is pushing the bounds of blended learning with a Flex model that is competency-based. Students move on when they have mastered the appropriate standards and skills, have individualized learning plans, and, along with their parents, receive daily progress […]