November 2012

New online venture promises small classes and college credit

The race to capture a potentially vast market for college courses provided online has taken another big step with the announcement today by 10 top universities that they’ll offer such classes for college credit—something earlier collaborations have struggled to do. Semester Online envisions not huge, 100,000-student online courses such as those already being offered by […]


Is the technology ‘ready’ for blended learning?

“The technology is five years behind where it needs to be.” It was the complaint of yet another school trying to build a blended-learning model that utilizes multiple providers. “The software content providers are proprietary. It’s impossible to get data out of them. And when we do, the data doesn’t connect easily to the standards […]


Physical activity and digital learning: Two peas in a pod

What’s digital learning got to do with physical activity? Quite a lot I believe. A couple weekends ago I had the privilege of presenting at TEDx Manhattan Beach where I heard another presenter, Dr. John Ratey, speak about the importance of physical exercise in increasing brain plasticity and boosting student learning. His book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of […]