February 2013

A wonk’s take on the MOOC crash

There’s a vibrant discussion in the blogosphere about the lessons learned from the MOOC crash that I’ve been writing about. Slate’s Will Oremus wrote about how the debacle may be heralding an anti-MOOC backlash. (Thanks for the hat tip Will). Will also cites a wonky blog by Debbie Morrison, who is an instructional designer, and […]


Addendum to MOOC crash

An hour after I posted about the MOOC crash, a spokesman for Georgia Tech, Matt Nagel, emailed a response. Nagel made clear it was a Georgia Tech’s decision to kill the class because of both quality and technical issues. “With any experiment, sometimes one has to press pause and reset, which we are doing,” Nagel […]


My first MOOC: Online class about how to create online classes failed miserably

This story also appeared at: At a recent event, a bigwig at McGraw-Hill, the textbook publisher, urged the audience to take an online course so that we’d have a sense of the future. As a journalist who covers online education, I was embarrassed not to be enrolled in one. So, a couple weeks ago, when […]


Upcoming panel: Is 2013 the breakthrough year for blended learning?

The Hechinger Report’s Jill Barshay will be moderating a panel on blended learning as part of Digital Learning Day on Feburary 6, 2013. Details about the day, sponsored by Gov. Bob Wise’s Alliance for Excellent Education, and how to participate in the 11:30am live chat can be found here: http://digitallearningday.org/chat February 6, 2013 11:30 am– […]


Online testing is heading to New Jersey schools

The future of state testing is starting to be felt in New Jersey’s school districts, as schools push to get up to speed with the technology that will be needed for the new online assessments. The testing — which is being developed by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) — […]