How are smartphones being used in class?

Heard about smartphones being used in class, but still have no idea how they’re actually being put to work?

One teacher has an interesting post up at the Making the Shift blog looking at some of the ways students are using smartphones to do their work, in particular Siri on the iPhone. (For the iPhoneless, Siri is a voice-activated tool that can answer questions from the user.)

Teacher Marsha Ratzel has some instructive examples of how Siri takes the phone beyond being just a fancy voice-activated calculator. She also describes how it influences her teaching.

She writes:

“Short of banning smartphones (a short-term solution, at best), I think the evolution of AI services like Siri means that the problems I pose for my students will have to shift from a focus on finding the answer as the endpoint — to a greater focus on analysis. OK, you have the answer but so what? What does that answer mean in a real-life situation?”

Read the post here.

POSTED BY Davin McHenry ON October 24, 2012

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