New blended learning certificate program for K-12 teachers

Pace University and the New York City Department of Education’s iZone program just announced a two-year certificate program in Blended Learning for K-12 science teachers who are part of the New York City Teaching Fellows program, which targets both new graduates and professionals changing careers.

“We are looking for teachers who believe that in order to adequately prepare students for today’s colleges and careers, we need to rethink the factory-model of education and leverage 21st century tools and strategies,” reads the press release.

Blended Learning Institute from iZone on Vimeo.

Appropriately, the program itself will be a blend of online learning with summer and winter workshops, as well as a co-op opportunity where teachers will join another teacher in the classroom to implement blended learning.

The “Online Professional Learning Experience” will be conducted on a “challenge cycle” model. Teachers will design a lesson using technology, put it into practice, and then share and reflect with the group. There will be plenty of opportunities for collaboration and community-building.

POSTED BY Anya Kamenetz ON April 23, 2013

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