Images from Reimagining Education

It’s become all the rage at conferences and events to have an artist create “graphic notes” to visualize the conversation. These images are from the “Reimagining Education” conference held on May 28 and 29 by the US Department of Education and the MacArthur Foundation (Disclosure: I am currently working with MacArthur on an unrelated project). The larger, readable originals are found here.

Some highlights from the conversation: a debate on whether learning how to search the Internet is more important than learning math (Point against: math is necessary for coding. Point in favor: searching can connect you with teachers.)

Is school the most important place to innovate learning? Yes: that’s where the great teachers are. No: kids spend most of their time outside of school.

And from Education Secretary Arne Duncan, as interviewed by Andrea Mitchell of NBC News: an impassioned call to stop buying textbooks and start training teachers.


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