Video game magnet school to open in Miami

With all the talk about gamifying the classroom or incorporating video games into the lesson plan, one high school in Miami, Fla. is going a step farther. Starting this fall they will open a magnet program just for video games, according to the Miami Herald.

Students in the new magnet, called iTech Academy, will study how to design and program video games. The magnet is part of a state push for more science, technology, engineering and math programs.

From the Miami Herald story:

To create a game from scratch, students have to use problem-solving skills, math theory, physics, modeling, social skills, even deal with artificial intelligence and globalization, said Rene Barge, who teaches design classes at Miami Springs Senior High and will be the lead teacher for the new iTech Academy.

“It’s the zenith of complexity,” he said.

Across Florida there are around 3,300 student enrolled in video game, animation and simulation classes. The new Miami magnet will have 125 spots in its first freshman class.

POSTED BY Davin McHenry ON May 8, 2012

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